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Web Presence Site Builder Features & Benefits

Web Presence Site Builder offers many benefits and features to help web site owners get their web site launched and to help them keep it up to date as effortlessly and painlessly and conveniently as possible.

  • Friendly for Every Budget
    Web Presence Site Builder takes your web site budget seriously. For just $15 per month, less than the monthly budget for coffee for the entire office, your web site can be edited and published at your convenience. You don't need to hire a graphic designer to make updates, either. You can make them yourself. Do you feature specials for most holidays? Put them on your web site. You can almost hear the savings adding up.
  • Convenient 24/7/365 Availability
    Web Presence Site Builder never takes a vacation, sick day, or holiday off. The software is available on our server every day of the year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So you can edit your web site when you want from wherever you want as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.
  • WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Web Site Editor
    Web Presence Builder comes with a WYSIWYG editor that lets you make edits right on your website and drag blocks of content around the screen. You can also easily change site layouts, sidebars, colors, fonts, and backgrounds, and add borders for a customized look. And you can manage both menu changes and page additions from a single, intuitive interface.
  • Feature-Rich Drag-and-Drop Modules
    Whether you want to add a blog to your web site, insert a customizable contact form that’s automatically integrated with e-mail, add “breadcrumbs” to let visitors know where they are in the site, insert text or images that persist across the entire web site, or embed documents, you can do it all without any coding or scripting. Just drag and drop the desired features, add any customization you desire, and you’re done!
  • Insert Special Code & Make Your Site POP
    Web Site Presence Builder makes it easy to insert special code into your web site, too. Creating a slideshow of your best products in another application? If it generates code for web sites, you can publish it on your site. Want to create a cool photo gallery? Insert that script into your site too. Just drag, drop, paste and publish.
  • More than 100 Topics for Web Sites Pre-Populated with Content
    Web Presence Site Builder comes customized for more than 100 types of businesses and organizations. Topics have complete content that you can either edit or publish instantly as is, plus you can choose from hundreds of pictures to add visual interest to your site.

  • Easily Integrate Outside Services into Your Web Site
    You can quickly insert all sorts of sophisticated features into your web site, including, embedding videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Myspace, or Dailymotion; embedding pictures from Picasa; adding user-comment capability through Disqus; inserting sharing links for over 300 social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; setting a default search engine, and supporting advertising through systems like Google AdSense.
  • Create Multiple Copies of Your Web Site, Apply Google Analytics & Publish Your Web Site to Facebook
    You can create and edit a copy of a website as a Facebook page; save website versions for a future launch date (or revert back to a previous version); and publish a site in seconds. Web Presence Builder also supports Google Analytics and comes with in-product help and video tutorials.